October 1, 2011

Swatch Launch

It's SWATCH'S launch today!! Have been invited for the event and we had so much fun~!! Can't wait to meet Joe Ledbetter the great designer in person!!! *grin*

Missy A and Rosie Cheeks hehe~

Joe's profile and his design!!
Out of all his design is the best!!

*love love love love love*
It's a combination of a tiger and rabbit, in case no body noticed it..

Great designer at work~

Design contest..


Joe's autographed pic *excited*

Joe gave us both a cute little sticker each!! *precious*

Sooooooooo Cuteeee~!!!!

Lucky Draw time~!!

Missy won a voucher!! =(

*sad sad* =(

Woohoo I'm in luck tooooo~!!!

I get TWO vouchers~!!!
*nehhhhhh*~!!!! =P

Climbing all over the place again =P

Great designers can just draw anytime anywhere~!! *proud*

Our turn~!!

Nice~!! *happy happy*

OMG with the vouchers I'm gonna get Joe's designed SWATCH~!!! *excited excited*
What a great night!! Wooohoooo~!!!!!

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