September 29, 2011

SICCI Dinner & Awards Nite

Tonight is the SICCI Dinner and Awards night!! SICCI actually stands for "Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry". Me and 3 other girls were invited to be the ushers for this event. So nice and inspiring to see so many young and old businesses getting so successful no matter what is the age of the boss.. It's also my first time being surrounded by so many Indians and they were so professional looking and polite, totally different from those rude "hooligans" I have met in the past =P

Wow the whole hall have around 100 tables with 14paxs seated, including the Ministers and VIPs.. Imagine how grand and big the event was!! Woohoo~!! We had so much fun hehe~!!

There was a brand new BMW car and motorcycle displayed, and so me and the girls had so much fun hanging out and taking pics after the event, not to mention all the sinful feast we help ourselves with!! I bet we have put on alot of weight!!

Share with you a few of our nicer pics, while we keep some "unglam" pics to ourselves =P

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