October 8, 2011

Attica's 7th Anniversary Carnival Party~

It was Attica's 7th Anniversary party~!! Me and Missy had so much fun partying dressing up like students!! Why student outfit? Coz we missed being a student, so we pretended we were the naughty mischievous students of the night!! Hehe~!! =P

The primary student and secondary student =P

Guess What!! While we were taking pics all over the place, we didn't realized that we were indirectly being caught on RazorTV haha~ See if you guys spot us taking pics at the back!!

We were "interviewed" by RazorTV too but they cut most of our part off and left these:

Our pics were posted on Lifestyle Asia too~!!

We had so much fun~!! Woohoo~!!
Can't wait for HALLOWEEN~!!!

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