September 25, 2011

VnC Cocktail Launch

Had a 3-days launch for VnC Cocktails at Boat Quay!! So what does VnC means? It means "Very Nice Cocktails", lol.. Lame I know, but still very catchy I feel, don't you think so??

VnC Cocktails are actually ready-made popular cocktails that are very very fresh and nice with real fruit juice and good quality vodka. All of them are mixed with fresh fruit juices from all over the world and with alcohol content of 14%. I love the idea of being able to just buy a few bottles and meet my good buddies to hang out at the beach or for picnic to drink without having to go to pub/club in order to drink cocktails. They're so much cheaper too!! Not to mention convenient and hassle-free, and their bottles are made of plastic so clumsy people like me won't have to watch out for the glass.

My all-time favourite cocktail drink is the MOJITO~!! Pronounced as mo-yi-to. I'm a very very fussy Mojito drinker. Whenever I visit any place that serve unsatisfactory Mojito, I will never ever step into the place again regardless how nice is their food/drinks. But what shocked me after trying VnC Cocktail's Mojito, it taste just like one of the BEST Mojito I ever ever tasted in my life!! I AM DEAD SERIOUS!! I fell in love with it instantly and swear by the quality!! Now I don't have to worry about finding a good location to hang out and with my fav Mojito anymore!! Yippie~!!

Apart from Mojito, some other flavors they have are:
- Pomegranate Cosmopolitan
- Pacific Maitai
- Margarita
- Feijoa & Apple
- Banana Daiquiri
- Strawberry Daiquiri
- Mango Daiquiri
- Passionfruit Caprioska (my new fav cocktail after trying all the VnC Cocktails)

Oh~!! And one more thing I love about VnC Cocktail, is that it is heavy enough to mix with ice, coz one of the problem I encounter with normal cocktails in the pub/club, they tend to taste blahh after the ice starts to melt. For VnC, they're so nicely mixed that even after the ice melt, it still taste NICE~!!! *grin big big*

This one I look like I got mustache haha~!!!

In case you guys are wondering, nope i'm not paid to "advertise" anything here. Just that I love to share good stuffs, hehe~ Enjoy your drinks!! =)

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