September 19, 2011

1st Day in GYM

Today it's the 1st day Rosie Cheeks & Missy A goes to the GYM~!! Omg.. Why so shocking?? Coz Rosie Cheeks hates exercising and always have been panting just by climbing a few steps or walk a little fast.. Yes I know my poor body is weak and lousy, that's why I "allowed" Missy to hypnotized me into going to the gym.. When was the last time I even excerise or jog or any form of action?? Hmmm 7yrs perhaps?? SERIOUS!! Coz I seriously seriously seriously HATE it.. Duh~ No one can understand the feeling man...

Well well well.. That crazy Missy took advantage and brought me to THREE courses on our FIRST day of gym!! 10.20am Body Combat, 12pm Yoga, 5.30pm Steps, followed by steam and sauna, OMG, that crazy bitch seriously took advantage to torture me!! I'm even more CRAZY to allow Missy to drag me to so many courses!! I practically fainted and have to be carried home!!!!!!!!! Missy Missy Missy~!!! *surrender*

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