November 22, 2010

Methode Cholley Beauty Pageant (Part 8)

Today's 22 Nov already!! 6 more days to the contest!! *excited and nervous* Supposed to meet Vera today for practice but she last min sms say she couldn't make it, hope I didn't cause her too much inconvenience or take up too much of her time =(

Oh dear 6 more days.. Could I make it?? I have totally no experience in dancing (except anyhow dance when drunk clubbing la).. I know I have the problem of being too stiff due to all the aches and stuffs on my body.. Have to work extremely hard man..

Today's casual wear fitting!! Have checked with Angie that the location is indeed at a private home of the lady boss.. Her clothing and stuffs are at home because she just closed down her outlet and have shifted her stocks home.. Hmmmm... *deep thought* I bought a friend along in case I meet any monkey business. Have to protect myself as a girl.

Reached the place and went up, hmmm nice home but having all the stocks there really make it look very crammy and untidy.. Hope this situation won't be long as I noticed there's kids living there.. Angie was already there and so are the lady boss' maid. The lady boss' name is Betty Yu. (Her sponsering clothing business name is called La Pargay) She do modeling, grooming, image consulting, eyebrow, eyelash, numerology reading etc. (read on personal character & behaviour, finding your right partner in business, marriage and as a friend, children, health problem, wealth opportunities & directions, life mishaps, remedies to overcome bad numbers etc).
WOW~!! *eyes big big* Fascinating...

There's also other females there whom I figured must be customers or something. They were trying clothes and shoes and exclaiming and discussing, hmmmm.. Betty matched some clothes and I tried them on, This is the piece we decided on:

Hehe I look so funky and cool!! Hmmm what does other contestants' wear look like?? *wonder wonder* After trying, one other contestant came too. Her name is Cynthia and I think is same age as me. SHE IS GOD D**N TALL~!! Love her height man!! Betty is pretty excited and happy with her height too, saying Cynthia is the only one who can wear her longer clothes and bring out the feel.. *wee wit* Cynthia is pretty cool, not chatting much.. Angie love her complexion and told me Cynthia is pretty much in yoga and takes great care in her skin *envious* Always thought mine is pretty good but after seeing her I feel like hiding in the room.. Angie gave tickets to us to give to our friends and family to watch the contest!! 20pcs each but I asked for 10pcs more coz I have so many people to invite!! *excited*

Received email regarding the program of the contest:

10.30am-1pm: Training, Catwalk, Choreography
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-4pm: Makeup, Hairstyling
4pm-5.30pm: Rehearsal, Setting up of stage, back drop, karaoke system, Audio Test, etc
5.30pm-6pm: Contestants change into casual wear with number tags
6pm-6.45pm: Dinner Reception for VIP
6.45pm: VIP and Guests to be seated
7pm: Opening of show by Emcee
7.05pm:Welcome speech by Mr Koh
7.10pm: Emcee introduction of contestants doing opening act
7.15pm: 1st Children's Performance
7.20pm: 1st round of contest: Casual Wear+Self Intro
7.50pm: 2nd round of contest: Talent Show
8.50pm: 3rd round of contest: Evening Wear
9.20pm: Magic Show
9.35pm: Methode Cholley product launch
9.45pm: 2nd Children's Performance
9.50pm: Last entry of contestants, Announce Results
10pm: End of Event

PHEW~!! What a day to expect~!!! @_@!!

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