November 27, 2010

Methode Cholley Beauty Pageant (Part 13)

Tomor is the contest~!! *gan jiong gan jiong* Today meet Vera for practice again. Only practice 3x and off I'd be going for the battle!! Oh nooooo~ *faint* Damn nervous lo!! But some corner in me still feel excited and happy =P *grin*

Vera babe's version of the whole dance:

Part 2:

My turn now~!!

Arghhhh!! Second try!!

Duh I just look so weird lo!! Look like tree log yet like slogging lo~!! Ahhhhh~ Really bia so hard till back pain get worse and got once even cramp till ALMOST cannot move. Got a scare and stop practising immediately. But the steps still don't remember well and the contest is TOMORROW~!!! *panic panic*

After the few hours of practice, I went to temple for a little praying and then had to rush down to Blum n Co in Kaki Bukit for gown fitting. Fell asleep in taxi coz too darn tired man. Didn't go with other girls few days ago coz I'm working la. Managed to grab some of their pics though again hehe~!! =P

When I reach there left only very few pieces for me to try.. Guess the other girls have chosen theirs and these are the "unwanted" one, hmmm... I tried on quite a few gowns.. They're either too long, too loose (I don't have enough "chest" to fill them up *sob*) Eventually chose this piece:

Met Rae Kwa, Blum n Co's assistant sales & marketing manager. Very friendly lady. She said very few people suit yellow gown, and I am one of the rare species =P *grin* I think this gown outline my body shape pretty well. Gotta watch my diet for time being hehe..

After the fitting guess where I went?? To source for a top for my dance, something similar to the one Vera posted on my fb as reference. Combed through almost all the shops in Tampines but can't find a suitable one within a reasonable price, and have to give up coz need to rush down to Vanessa's place to pass them an empty disc to burn the dance song. (Eventually decided to rumble through my cupboard to find something to wear) Vanessa is the other girl you see in my dance videos. She's also such a great dancer with all the nice natural moves and poses *envious* She another hot babe!! Anyway went there and practiced for a while and got the cd before leaving home to prepare my stuffs and to rest.. Yawn.. Damn dead tired.. Still have to pack and prepare my stuffs for the contest lo...

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