November 9, 2010

Methode Cholley Beauty Pageant (Part 4)

DAMN~!!! I think after one whole day, THE NEWS OF ME BEING SELECTED FINALLY SINK IN!! I mean, what am I suppose to get prepared for it?? What for my talent performance? I don't wana try my erhu "stunt" again for this contest!! Do I need to prepare any outfit? What dates I need to be available? What this what that, ahhhhh~ Jia Lat la~!! *faint*

Just called Vera. She's so into dancing and she dances so well!! The last time I heard from her, she just started her school in Laselle, she really LOVE dancing!! It's her language, it's her life!! *envious* Anyway, I am toying the idea of dancing something for the show.. But what? So I got Vera into the "problem" and "beg" her for help!! Luckily she agree!!

THANKS MY DEAR DEAR VERA!! *kish big big*

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