November 28, 2010

Methode Cholley Beauty Pageant (Part 14)

TODAY IS THE CONTEST~!!! ^_^ *excited*
Had been informed to go "clean" without any makeup or hairdo so that the makeup artists and hairstylists can do for us. That's why we look like plain "ghosts" today hehe!!

Our day started with catwalk training and to familiarize where we stand and stuffs.

Thanks to Sharon for loaning me her heels as I forgot to bring mine!! Luckily she bought a spare!! *hugs*

No.1: Gynis

No.2: Elsa

No.3: That's me!! Hehe..

No.4: Eleen

No. 5: Sharon

No.6: Sandy

No.7: Hazel

No.8: Magdalene

No.9: Elfa

No.10: Cynthia

No.11: Lingna

No.12: Adelene

End of training, gotta get ready for makeup and hairstyling~

We were all starving so we chatted, hair styled and eat at the same time =P

Wa say they did a bao za hair for me lo~!!! At first see other girls do all the elegant wavy hair but when the in-charge came to me, he did alot of gestures, and started to PULL my hair!! I SCREAMED in pain lo!! My tears started flowing and the other girls started laughing!! I sobbed and asked the hairstyling: "Bro!! Did I offend you in any way? If that's the case please just accept my apologies!! My hair is innocent!!"

After some more pulling and crying and finally not so pain, wiped my tears and took this pic..

Looking like a supermodel here haha..

Went for makeup next..

While doing makeup, the place is setting up with food for VIP.. Yummy~!!

Makeup and hair done!! Totally doesn't look like the normal me lo!! Everyone said I look like a runway model, but the problem is, I'm here for a beauty contest!! Not a runway show!! *faint*

I was among the first few to be ready, so I make full use of the time and practiced my dance. I stuffed my ears with my earphones and went on stage to practice, and DAMN!! I just keep forgetting my steps!! *panic*

My dearest Vera and Vanessa arrived finally. When they saw me, they totally CANNOT recognize me lo!! I had to call their name and they screamed: "Oh my gosh!! Rachel is that you?!! What did they do to you!!" I laughed at their reactions and replied that I only realised it when it's almost done!! The biggest problem is, HOW TO DANCE WITH THIS HAIRDO?!?! @_@ Sigh.. Just have to make do it.. Hmmmm..

Oh dear!! The back of the stage does NOT have a changing room or anywhere for us to change our clothes!! All of us just had to change behind the curtains and pray that no other people would walk in while we were "naked"!! *shock*

We went though the catwalk and stuffs on the stage and everyone were just so unfamiliar with where they should stand and people were all over the place!! Chaotic!! Once, Eleen fell down coz the stage was seriously very slippery and our shoes were taped with scotchtape to protect the base (coz they were sponsored and we need to return after the show). We really walked with care and cautious. Oh dear, hope Eleen was not too hurt..

Poor Magdalene was trying very hard with her English pronouncing and stuffs coz we were told that we have to do our intro in English.. Halfway through the rehearsal I had to rush to the toilet and get the "double V sisters" to get on stage for a short run through, and the girls just did it for me without complains!! Seriously love and teng them so deep!! *hugs* They had rushed down for me right after their school stuffs which I know they were also tired too but did all these for me without complaints.. Awwwww...

I seriously owe them lots.. Promised them a steamboat meal after this no matter I win anot ^_^

Getting ready for the first show~

Time for the show!!

Talent show next..

Getting ready for gown section.. My hair was getting more and more out of shape, Angie saw me and just wrap it up behind me with pins, and now I look much more neater and better ^_^

Time for the stage!!

Time for announcement of results!!

Cynthia received 3 prizes!! She's the "Best Elegance", "Best Confidence" and "1st Runner" of the contest!! Congrats!! ^_^

Gynis received "2nd Runner" =)

Lingna received "Best Talent" and is the "Winner"!! Congrats!! =)

This is 恺缨 from 883FM. She is the emcee for the whole night. Was so surprised she remembered me!! I mean, we didn't meet each other in person before, yet she could recognize me from the previous contest!! She also remember Vera!! So nice of her ^_^

Thanks to all my lovely friends who came down to support me *hugs*

Finally reached home after all the phototaking and stuffs, today really damn tired!! Learnt alot of life experiences too!! Especially the part about HAIRDO!! I will definitely find out from the hairstylist what they gonna do to my hair before proceeding!! Took 2hrs of rinsing and untangling, 2 rounds of shampooing and 3 rounds of conditioning before I could get my poor hair back!! But the whole experience was so fun!! At least I get to try this explosive hairdo hehe!! GOOD NIGHT!! ^_^

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