February 13, 2012

Registering for "O" Levels courses

Finally, finally, finally, plans are falling into place. Today I finally got myself registered for courses for "O" Levels!! Registered a total of 5 subjects, which are English, Maths, Science (Physics and Chemistry), Literature and Principle of Accounts.

English and Maths are pretty expected. Science will be a challenge for me as I've never been a science person and they really bore me to death. Literature is my FAVOURITE!! And if i'm not wrong, the text is Romeo and Juliet, one text that I had wished for in sec sch!! And then there's the Principle of Accounts which i have never ever took before, but people around me said that if I have taken book-keeping before, this should not be a problem, and i hope deeply so..

Now that things are finally and really falling into place, i'm gonna make it work. I only have ONE chance and i will conquer it~!! Wooohooo~!!

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