February 17, 2012

Ricoh Shanghai Mafia D&D @ Arena

Since I left MBS in Mar 2011, I've always been wishing and praying to receive a croupier related assignment, and one year later, I did!! Ricoh was having a Shanghai Mafia D&D at Arena Clark Quay, and we 5 girls were the croupiers for the Blackjack, Roulette and Sic Bo games. I had so much fun!! I chose Roulette coz I've dealt pontoon and sic bo before in MBS, omg it was SO FREAKING FUN and hectic and crazy!! The guys were sort of playing all over the place creating chaos!!

Hopefully can receive more croupier related assignments again!! I MISS DEALING!! I MISS THE CHIPS!! I MISS PAYMENTS!! I MISS THE CARDS!! I MISS SAYING "PLACE YOUR BETS" AND "NO MORE BETS"~!! I MISS PONTOON THE BEST~!!!! (T_T) *sobz*

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マサシ said...

Ever considered dealing at Genting? You could make it big there!