August 8, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 7/8

Tonight's the 2nd last session with JCM. Abit sad but feel very productive with all the advices and info taught to us. I appreciate it every bit..

Tonight we practice our steps and positions in ready for the graduation night. We were so stressed!! Coz we have to rmb which feet to land on, when to take off our scarf during the bikini session, when to turn, when to leave, when to appear, when to turn, when to blah blah blah blah blah~ OMG~!! We need more time!! And not to mention we have to learn how to high speed change our clothes in the small toilet~!! What a fun challenge!! We were told to match our own outfit for the bikini show, casual show, and gown show.. Along with props and accessories.. Fun~!! Can't wait for the big day!!!

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