August 1, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 5/8

Today's course is on catwalk double 1/2 turn, social etiquette and east & west dining estiquette..

For the catwalk, the double turn was so diff!! I thought just turns shouldn't be very diff, just turn lo.. But the highlight is, TURN WITH ELEGANCE~!! And with 4" high heels!! Woooo~ Diff but fun~!!

Tonight we also learnt all about social etiquette + east & west dining estiquette, like:
- What are the diff types of forks/spoons/knives/glasses and when to use which one
- How to fold and lay the napkin towel
- Sitting direction for ladies and gentlemen and for big groups
- No knocking of bowls/plates
- Where to place cutlery after the meal
- Where to place your arms during meals
- Where to place our handbags after sitted
- How to excuse ourselves for washroom break
- How and where to place the napkin towel after meal
- How to hold wine glasses
- How to drink coffee/tea and how to hold coffee cup
- Where to place the sugar package after emptying sugar into coffee/tea
- Not to place cooked food, uncooked food and dessert together
- Which kind of wines to match which kind of meat
- Not to place bones in your plate

After tonight's session, I feel so tired with all the procedures to remember and to follow but I feel so much like an elegant lady!! Now I won't have to worry about making myself look like a fool when going for important dinner in an expensive restaurant!! *proud*

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