August 2, 2011

JCM Professional Modeling, Catwalk & Grooming Course 6/8

Today's session's about catwalk revision and about posing for cameras.

Catwalk revision!! Proper elegant catwalk, 1/2 turn, 3/4 turn, with props, with untying the long scarf on my waist, and we also did a turn turn turn turn turn nonstop catwalk!! PHEW!! That was a killer!! All of us went dizzy and had to take 1min break after every few turns!! But it was just sooooo fun!! Hehe~!! I'm loving every min of the course!!

For the posing part, we were taught how to pose to show off our strength and min our not-so-nice parts on our body like thighs/arms etc.. Angel also took our pics and show us how we could pose better and beautiful-er.. She also taught us some of the poses we could try which we did and we had so much fun and learnt so much for tonight's session!!

Thanks Angel!!

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