April 14, 2011

Lipton Briefing

Rushed down for Lipton's briefing straight after the show at The Internet Show at Suntec!! Damn shag!! *yawn*

Anyway after the Lipton briefing, having a nice idea abt this thingy.. They're actually launching this new range of products that consist of 7 new flavours, but for the testing there's only one flavour..

The new flavours are:
1) Russian Earl Grey Tea (Gold Range)
2) Asian White - Green Tea (Gold Range)
3) Solid Assam - Black Tea (Gold Range)
4) Mild Ceylon - Black Tea (Gold Range)
5) Forest Fruit Tea (Fruits Range)
6) Blue Fruit Tea (Fruits Range)
7) Citrus Tea (Fruits Range)

All flavours sold at $4.40 in box of 20 teabags.

They also came out with this pyramid tea bag idea!! The idea is to give additional space for leaves to grow and release better aroma and taste. They can also contain longer tea leaves to retain the fullest flavour of the tea and its antioxidant properties =)

Drinking tea have so much benefits!! Do you know that tea can cause our mood and mental performance to remain at a constant high level, induces relaxation, promote good health, boost our immune system and tea also have anti-cancer properties? Wow.. Gotta start drinking tea now~

For the next few weeks, Lipton is giving away free samples!! On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, we're all over Singapore!! Watch out on my facebook for the locations and try to catch us!! =P

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