April 23, 2011

Grid Girls @ Orchard

Heard from one of my photographer friend that the Singtel Grid Girls team will be at Orchard!! Although I have already sent my application via their website, I still wana check them out at the Orchard, hopefully they'd "notice" me haha.. Feeling abit no confidence coz my height la.. They looking for 1.7m but I'm only 1.61m~ (T_T)

In the end didn't really see the past grid girls only the staffs so I just filled the application and took pics.. Had a great time taking other pics with other photographers too.. Thanks to them I have nice nice pics taken hehe!! The moment they started taking my pics one swarm of people rushed up to take my pics too, haha =P

Wish me luck, hopefully they'd choose me for the contest!! =)

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