April 5, 2011


Went for casting at Mediacorp for Crimewatch!! Haha fun but doubt I'd be chosen haha.. I was asked to act as a "victim" who was kana robbed. I was asked to pretend to have just parked my car and locking my car when a guy came to rob me by asking me to get into the car, snatched my glasses away, and ask me to drive to a quiet place and asked for my atm card and password.. Haha although no confidence coz the lady keep feeling I'm smiling (coz I's a happy person with a happy face la) but I seriously had alot of fun!! =P

After the casting I had to rush to nearby Farrer Mrt there for another casting for Lipton.. This event will last for a longer period of time probably a month plus.. Wish me luck!! =)

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