June 4, 2011

Singtel Grid Girls 2011

Went for Singtel Grid Girls Audition today!! Heard there were over 500 applications and only 120 were invited for the audition!! Met Ziyi and made a few new friends.. Realized not all models are too nasty and too dao towards "competitors".. There are nice friendly girls around too.. But some are seriously nasty and siao siao lo.. Just stared from foot to head all the way down again, lol..

Too bad I was not selected for Top 12.. The 12 girls are all way over 1.7m lo, blame it on my height.. We went into the room in groups of 10.. I was the last one in my group, and all the other girls had so much to intro about themselves and I just go "Hi my name is Rachel, I'm 25, I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Singapore, thank you" and in the end I was not chosen haha.. Well well..

Went home after that, lie down for a nap, and in less than 30mins, they called me go back for briefing, lol.. So I had to rush and put on makeup AGAIN, and took taxi there.. haha.. Took my pics, measurement for shoes and clothes, had the briefing, and......

See you guys at the F1 race!! WOOOHOOOO~!!!! =P

Thanks Shahril for all the support =)

Pretty Ziyi as always~

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Sekine said...

So you will be there on the grid!!
nice nice^^