June 21, 2011

Broadcast Asia 2011

Today's the Broadcast Asia at Suntec Convention Hall 401~!! Had alot of fun!! The show's about "reporters" cameras and equipments, and we're there to....
PEEL ORANGES AND APPLES!! Kakakaka~ Actually our roles are to just have some "actions" for the people to test out the equipments la.. Imagine 9 cameras pointing at you!! Feel like in a "live talkshow" without knowing what to say!! Eh don't think it's easy job ok!! Try doing it for 9hrs!! You gotta move and do things under 9 cameras with extra BRIGHT spotlights pointing at you!! Once in a while some photographers walk pass then we gotta pose too. We could see some people pointing and zooming in on our *ahem ahem* sometimes too lo~!! *faint* Still, we had fun!! Hehe!!

"Filming Studio" =P

Jann's "artwork"

Rachel's "artwork".
This "Orange Everest" consist of 30 oranges' skin =P

"Heads" of 30 oranges

Drink it if you dare!! But don't ReGrEt~!! =P

Water-prove cam

Most of the pics are by Derrick Khoo =)

We're featured!! Check it out here!!
("Booth babes of Sony and orange peels" faint~)

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