April 3, 2012

Birthday Trip @ KL

Went to KL for my birthday!! It's my first time taking an aeroplane there hehe.. Alright.. I last took one when I was way younger with my family but that was like ages ago and the memory was fainting.. So this time I wana take it by myself without my family for my birthday hehe.. The next time I'm gonna take the planes again is when I become an air-stewardess buhahahaha~!!! *evil laugh* Ya I know you guys confirm will ask why didn't go further to other countries, why only to Msia for my first plane trip.. Well I can't afford to leave Singapore for too long due to my classes.. But I have plans to go Hong Kong or Taiwan as celebration after my exams in Nov, hehe..

Took this secretly the sir-stewardess demo the use of the life vasts but was discovered and she said no photography allowed haha..

Look at my excited face haha..

Flying soon~!!

Bye Singapore!! Gonna abandon you for a day!!

Woohoo~!! *over-excited* =P

View of Msia my homeland lol.. It's also my first time taking a plane to Msia lol.. Usually it's by car..

Nice trip!! Although it was only 15mins flight but I was sooooo excited and happy I couldn't sit still haha~ Took so many pics and have to delete most of them away coz they were too similar haha..

Hehe just some fun shoots at the hotel.. 
Time for exploration!!

Went to their Chinatown for dinner and night market for shopping~

Nice massage place after a day of over-excitement lol..

Waiting for the salesman to get me the Burberry bag, oh man, I love Burberry!! Look so sweet and simple and young hehe..

Time to cool down after being so excited haha..

Time for some liquor and beautiful view~

12am!! Happy Birthday to me~!!! ^_^

Time to rest~

Early in the morning even before I was prepared, the staff knocked and presented me with flowers and a cake, awwww so sweet~!! Nice cake for breakfast!!

Sorry for the "simple, no makeup" look lol..

Went for a wonderous spa session which include massage, body scrub, facial and jacuzzi.. The place was so calming and smoothing.. Took alot of pics of that place but my camera which I took the pics was stolen (T_T) More abt that later.. 


Nice Indonesian restaurant for lunch..

Shopping shopping shopping~

"Shook", a wonderous romantic sweet place with live band for dinner..

After the main course, I was presented with a sweet surprise.. The staffs actually sang me a birthday song along with the sexy saxophone and a tiramisu cake and candle!! I was so touched I almost cried lol~ 

Strolled to the KLCC to take some photos..

After admiring KLCC, the nearby building seems so out of place lol.. 

Had a great time taking so many pics and admiring the view.. After the phototakings, I turned to find the bags MISSING~!!! F***~!! My new Burberry bag (even though it was fake), my Burberry wind-prove lighter (fake too), my new camera, new iPhone 4S and other stuffs all GONE~!!! (T_T)

This was the place the bags were left at..

Arghhh.. On the last 5mins of my birthday, my stuffs were gone~ My new bag was bought less than 24hrs (T_T) Went to the police station, and heard that the couple beside was much worse.. A luggage with RM10,000 cash inside and a laptop were snatched at knife-point (aft a trip to casino maybe? who will be crazy enough to roam Msia with so much cash in the bag?) Well I'm glad I wasn't snatched at knife-point.. But still, it was depressing.. New bag new phone all gone (T_T)

After a long night of searching and running all over the place, decided to still proceed with plans at Sunway Lagoon since the hotel there was already booked and it's pointless to stay and wait for the Msia useless police who doesn't seems to want to help.. Sigh..

Swollen eyes and tired face but still determined to enjoy my remaining birthday trip..

Had a great time driving, and I laughed soooo hard when I scared the staff as I had speed so near him before jam braking to stop, making him panic and jumped out of the way.. Look at his face!! He almost strangled me haha~!!

I had so much fun I had to drive one more time!! This time a double seater with a passenger behind haha.. Notice how my passenger grip the handle for life~!! I love to DRIFT~!! Wooooohooooo~!!! =P

Lol that last stunt had to be repeated!! I scared him out of his life AGAIN!! But this time I over-estimated and he was lucky he jumped out of my way in time if not I would have run him over LOL~!!!!!!

Can't stop laughing hahaha~ All the staffs also stared and laughed haha~

Well NONE of my arrows managed to stick to the arrow board lol.. Either they didn't have enough power to reach the board at all, or they were out of the board onto the wall haha.. Bad skills..

Tigers!! That's my distant relatives man!! Was so excited to see my "relatives" lol~ Coz I was born in the year of tiger hehe.. SO excited to see them so close in front of me~!!!

Lol okok enough of my distant relatives haha..

There's this one ride, I had a bad childhood memory with it of my life.. I remember I was very very young, and it was my first time taking amusement rides that were THIS scary. It goes 360 degrees turn high up and I was so young and so scared of heights, not to mention the machine was old and cracking.. I had such a bad scare I had nightmares for weeks and years later till now, I will never forget the huge scare I had that day.. This time, I was determined to go back to that monsterous machine and overcome that fear inside me.. And soooooo I took it... And all the fear came back to me.. In the end the fear where refreshed inside me and now I'm still scared of that idiotic machine. I mean, so many other rides I took were far more scarier and I loved them, and this one just a simple 360 degrees turn!! I guess the machine is too old and cracky they scared me more than that other crazy rides.. Oh well.. So far for the "overcoming of childhood fear".. 

Guess what?? When I'm finally back from the trip in the taxi on my way home, the taxi I was in crashed into the one in front. Knocked my head real hard but luckily I was fine except for a big lump on my head.. Missing bag, crashing taxi, wonderful trip, what a memorable birthday!! Lol~!!

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