December 18, 2010

Ziyi Birthday Chalet

Was invited to Ziyi's birthday chalet!! She is my friend's friend, and me and Ziyi sort of "know" of each other via facebook, and invited us to her birthday chalet. Of coz we supported her of her request of us wearing purple (her fav colour) to her chalet ^_^

Ziyi's another pretty model I wished to meet!! And my wish was fulfilled too!! Meeting both Naomi and Ziyi within in a month is too good for me!! Can't stop staring at Ziyi's beauty!! SHE IS SO DARN BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON~!! While we were there I saw Eleen too, nice to see her again ^_^

Also met Ishardi the photographer who told me that meeting me was one of his wishes, buahahaha~ =P

Nice to meet you Ishardi =)

Had a fun chatty time at her chalet!! Her birthday cake was so darn DELICIOUS that I sneaked 3 plates!! Opps!! Too nice!! Ziyi's folks and brothers are very friendly too. Nice people!! And not to forget her "gay" puppy Cookies!! =P

Although her younger bro kiap my poor fingers, but he is very sensible to get me ice and all thanks to him my fingers were not as swollen as expected. Taught me not to place my fingers near the door~!! *wink*

Thanks birthday babe for inviting us to your chalet, we had a wonderful time ^_^

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