June 18, 2010

883jiaFM Sunny Babe (Part 1)

WoW~!! Seems like YEARS since I last update this place man!! Hehe!! Paisay Ms Blogie~ Rosie Cheeks will pay more attention to you!!

Casino indeed had took up soooo much of my attention!! Luckily things are stabled down now and lets hope it stays that way!!

Well, so what have I been busy with then?? Sorry my dear friends and buddies and sisters I'm always busy busy busy busy busy no time pei you all!!

I've always been listening to 883FM whenever I am home or in a car to somewhere, first thing into my ears when I step out of dreamland, and last thing I hear before I start floating on the dreaming clouds.

Heard about this Sunny Babe thingy on the radio. People around me have been telling me how they love my bubbly character, especially my players when I'm working in the casino. They would tell me how they love my smile and everything, making them enjoy the game even they're losing quite some money, they felt it it worth it. SO, I decided to try it out, hehe!! =P

Today, I sent in these to pictures and my particulars hoping they'd get someone's attention =)

They replied with an email saying they have received my application and I will be notified if I am selected for an audition.

Wish me luck!! ^_^

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